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My brother is currently enrolled in fire camp up in susanville and has to serve 85% could he possibly get reduced to 65%?

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He has been charge wih a felony however, it was not considered violent (i don't think). He was charged with home invasion and the man was home but my brother fled the scene without posing a threat and he has had superb behavior. He is now going to fire camp up in susanville and I would love to know if he is eligible for being dropped to 65% time. Is there possibly a bill in the works that will go into effect withing the next year. My understanding is that this rumor has been coming from C.O.'S, not just other inmates. i will pay any amount I can to get an answer and possibly retain a lawyer to make this happen. Please respond or email me at tessrife123@YAHOO.COM.

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  1. There is no bill in the works that will drop an 85% felony to 65%. If anyone writes and say there is s/he's lying and you should go on to the next e-mail.

    There is a puzzling piece of information in your question though: normally if you get first camp you get 3 days credit for every one day served. An 85% inmate would not be allowed to work in a fire camp. You need to speak to a prison lawyer to see what is going on.

  2. My understanding is that inmates serving 85% can still go to fire camp, but they don't get any time reduction for it.

  3. Now, if the inmate makes a deal for workcamp that is predicated on credits, he could still make a collateral estoppel argument against not getting the credits, right, guys? I know that its a long-shot, but I have read about it in the past.

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