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My brother and I receive a Order of Release on Recognizance what can I do?

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My Dad and brother and me where taking by immigration officials on 1-28-09 in the morning they let my mom and sister go for health issues. In my dads case at the Department of homeland security office They deported my dad to Mexico Tijuana for a prior deportation order. But in my brother case and mine we were going to go to jail for exceeding 6 months of the permit But in God's grace the officer came and said your being release we pray in Jesus name for not to go to jail and God heard us. So we got an Order of Release on Recognizance. And the order says that we must go to an immigration office every 2nd Wednesday every 6 months by 11:00 am. But me and my mom and brother and sister want to go to Mexico on our own voluntary departure. Will there be trouble with the immigration officials when we try to go? Please help us were desperate please. respond as soon as POSSIBLE my email is [email removed] Thank you I know God is in control God bless you

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Hire an immigration attorney who is skilled in deportation cases. The fact ICE released you on your own recognizance indicates a lack of criminal history. This means you are likely eligible for voluntary departure. However, this must be granted by an Immigration Judge in order for it to have the appropriate effect.

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My dad is being deported for his criminal record but is a very sick man he has a kidney tranplant and takes alot of medication they took him in and released him on a 'order of realese on reconizance' but there are saying deportation is enevatable and i want to know there is anything we can do. He has to return on thursday to speak with the ICE office agian. The sent us to the mexican consule on friday and what it seemed like that they sent us to another layer his case is already in the 9th circet and his appel has been denied but for what reason we dont know but our shady ass layer does and im wondering if there is anything we can do at this point.

Philip Alan Eichorn

Philip Alan Eichorn


Sounds like he's exhausted his administrative arguments if the Ninth Circuit has denied his appeals. Also, you should speak with the lawyer who handled the appeal or get a copy of the case file and have it reviewed by an independent third party for any remaining legal challenges.



thanks you and we are we are going to do what we can, thanks

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