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My bro is disabled lives in missouri--has hired a lawyer in Columbia 4 yrs ago to get him a workmans comp settlement..

Blue Springs, MO |

i want to know how we can find out if this lawyer is even working towards a settlement or stalling ,thinking my bro. is so ill why bother. This man has very little money and needs homecare.

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You probably cannot, unless you end up as your brothers Conservator. The Attorney/Client privilege will prevent the WC attorney from discussing the case with you. The privilege belongs to your brother, and he is the only one who can waive it. Your brother is the one who should be inquiring, unless he is mentally incompetent.

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Call the Division od workers compensation to find out the status of his case



You may not be able to talk to your brother's lawyer, but here are some guidelines:
If this was an "accepted" (versus denied) injury, and if your brother is still actively recieving treatment, the case is probably not ready for a final settlement. That is because a patient must reach "maximum medical improvement" before they can recieve a final disability rating.
However, if you brother is in need of medical care/treatment and his employer is refusing to pay for it, the matter could be taken to a "hardship hearing" which is essentially a mini-trial.

The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based on advertisements alone. This response does not create an attorney-client relationship; and this answer does not constitute legal advice. You must discuss the specific facts of your case in detail with an attorney.

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