My boyfriend was in a situation on Monday,self defense came into place. he has been in jail since Monday. nobody has heard from

Asked over 1 year ago - Belleville, MI

him. he broke the guys jaw and put him in a coma. how long could he possibly be in jail?

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  1. Joshua Duane Jones

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    Answered . If he is in jail still then most likely he has been unable to post bond. You need to determine where the incident occurred and contact the appropriate jail or court to determine what the bond amount is. Either or would have that information for you. Once you have found out the bond amount you will need to make the determination if you are able to post the required amount, which can be done in numerous ways. Without posting bond he will sit in jail until his case has been disposed of. I hope that helps answer your question.

    Josh Jones
    Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

  2. Gary Francis Kennedy II

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    Answered . What county was he in when this happened? He needs an attorney as soon as possible. He needs a good attorney who can clearly advocate for him. Many attorneys, like myself, give free consultations. Call one today.

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  3. John E. Melton


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    Answered . This is a serious situation. He needs a lawyer ASAP. He is facing potential jail time. If you are considering hiring a lawyer I would be happy to provide a free consultation.

  4. Aaron Jeffrey Boria


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    Answered . He should not be talking to anyone but his lawyer. He should be arraigned and a bond applied. Having a lawyer at that hearing could help a lot.

  5. John William Toivonen

    Contributor Level 9


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    Answered . I agree with the other attorneys that he needs to post bond. It sounds like a very serious charge. He needs a criminal defense attorney ASAP. I handle assault cases, and I am available for a free consultation.

    Toivonen Law Office

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  6. Robert C. Keller

    Contributor Level 20


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    Answered . The best thing you can do for him is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney . The sooner one is hired, the sooner he will be out of jail and preparing for trial.

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