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My boyfriend's ex hit my car and ran, what should i do?

San Antonio, TX |

she showed up in my boyfriend's apartment while I was there and then hit my car on purpose when she was leaving. We called the police and an officer came by and got my information and told me I needed to file a case against her but he was very vague about it. I'm an international student I'm not an american citizen, I dont know what I should do I dont have money for a lawyer and I'm not familiar with the rules here, please help me

Attorney Answers 4

  1. If you have insurance, you should alert your carrier immediately. If not, you could file a small claims case.

  2. Report to your insurance company.

  3. I agree with the previous lawyers. I would also contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer about bringing a claim against her for the damage to your car. Good luck.

  4. Report it to your insurance company.