My boyfriend is in jail for the first time with the charges of pc182 and second degree robbery.

Asked over 1 year ago - Oakland, CA

Previously, his older brother who looks a lot like him committed a crime and blamed him for it, luckily he beat the case due to the video of where the crime was taken. They're trying to accuse him of pc209, Though, he did not kidnap anyone and his brother is the reason why he's getting charged with it due to mistaken identity. How do we beat this case if he is innocent?? And about how much time will he do in jail? He has a clean background (never been to jail before) ALSO, they're accusing him of being affiliated with a gang...

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    Answered . It is obvious that he is facing serious charges and he needs representation. The most important thing is to involve an attorney as soon as possible. It takes time to prepare for charges that he is facing, specially since they are bringing gang affiliation and that means they can enhance his sentence. Get an attorney asap.

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    Answered . This type of question is best answered in a one-on-one consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Many Avvo criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations. I would take somebody up on it and get your questions answered with a true understanding of the facts, rather than as a hypothetical question posted on a public forum where there isn't enough information provided to form a real opinion.

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    Answered . Your boyfriend is charged with serious offenses. You should not post facts associated with such serious charges on a public website and seek a consultation with a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Mistaken identity is definitely a defense to most criminal charges. In regards to potential sentence, if he is convicted of serious felonies, he is looking at several years in the state prison. Contact attorneys in your area for a free consultation. You can also call our East Bay office at 510 887-5910!

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