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My boyfriend is being charged with probation violation for the 2nd time, about how long will his jail sentence be?

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His original charge was burglary w/tools, which was a felony. it is his second violation of his probation, he also recieved another charge for possession of cannabis with intent to sell, the possession charge can be bonded, however the probation charge cannot. he previously did 6 months in jail for the first violation, by choice to lessen his probation sentence. We do plan to hire a lawyer, however if we didn't how long would the sentence be? And if the possession charge isn't bonded out will it extend the jail sentence by a lot?

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  1. A probation violation can carry the remainder of his sentence. Since this is his second violation and he has already done 6 months, the prosecutor may ask to place his sentence into effect. I would consult an attorney today. Good Luck!

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  2. It is impossible for any attorney to tell you what the sentence will be, though he certainly is facing the possibility of some time based on the facts that you presented. Judges are often quite tough on multiple probation violations, especially when there is a new felony charge.
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  3. Your b/f is looking at serving the rest of his original sentence in prison. He needs to immediately hire or obtain a lawyer!

  4. This question requires more facts than provided. Also unless an attorney actually reviews your boyfriends case file and his priors the questions you asked are unanswerable in my opinion. I could give you best guesses but that isn't going to help him or you. You should hire private counsel or get a free consultation from private counsel so that an attorney can carefully go through his file. I'm sorry that I couldn't provide you with a perfect answer but attorney's practice law like dr's and need to thoroughly review the file for all kinds of facts to determine the best course of action. Many lawyers on AVVO can assist.

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  5. With your boyfriend second probation violation being a new law violation, he is looking at serious prison time. My colleagues are correct, your boyfriend could serve the duration of his probation in prison. Your bf can also be sentenced individually for the new law violation. It would be important to know what his score sheet looks like and how much of his probation (conditions) he has completed successfully. I handle these matters and offer a free consultation.

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  6. The fact that it's his second violation, and he continues to catch new charges while on probation is not a good factor in his case. He needs to talk to an attorney about the charges. Only after a careful review of the facts and circumstances would any advice be relevant and helpful. Any sentence will depend on the charges, any aggravating factors, prior record, etc.

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