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My boyfriend has been arrested for Trespassing.... He also has a immigration warrant: Severity F What does the F stand for?

Bronx, NY |

He has been in custody for 4 days, next court appearance is a week away.... His bail/bond is $500, but if paid he would not be released, but turned over to immigration, what can he do, he is an illegal immigrant.....

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In addition to Messrs. Rothstein and Abbott, I would have to say that he may have a problem if he has no immediate family who are U.S. citizens or legal residents for whom he may claim a basis for relief before an Immigration Judge. But one thing for sure, he must insist, if he has been here for more than 2 years, that he be held over for proceedings rather than allow them to remove him. He may also be eligible for DACA-deferred action relief, too. But get him a lawyer, and fast!

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C. C. Abbott

C. C. Abbott


I agree with Attorney Fernandez.


It means there is an immigration detainer and he might be turned over to immigration when the trespass case is over for deportation proceedings.

The above answer, and any follow up comments or emails is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.



Thank you



I really hope he doesn't get deported, but unfortunately i am aware that it is a big possibility


Severity F is the ICE classification score of severity of custody. Its based on the ICE Detention Standard set under its Detainee Classification System (DCS). He needs to contact an experienced immigration attorney for a complete review of his case and assist him as ICE will take him once the criminal bond is paid. Thus he will be "released" from the criminal custody into ICE custody. Good luck.

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