My boyfriend has a misdemeanor battery and I. Never pressed charges and they put a no contact order on that just for me

Asked 4 months ago - Boca Raton, FL

He never had a domestic charges and I never pressed charges but we have a baby and need to stay in touch can my family talk to him still.He also has a bond but a broward county hold for a vop for a technical 2 years ago ,

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  1. Larry Thomas McMillan

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    Answered . The no contact order applies to him. If you would like to have contact with him I suggest that you go to court and inform the judge and prosecutor.

  2. Leon Hillary Jones


    Contributor Level 11

    Answered . Your question is a little confusing. When you say there is a No Contact Order on us, I am assuming you mean the child and you. The No Contact Order does not apply to his communication with your family unless he is asking them to communicate with you on his behalf. You should contact the prosecutor and tell him or her you want the No Contact Order amended or dismissed. The prosecutor can make the request to the judge for you. If the prosecutor is unwilling to do so, you should hire an attorney to file a motion on your behalf.

  3. Matthew Phillip Konecky


    Contributor Level 15

    Answered . The no contact order will apply to your boyfriend. It sounds like your boyfriend needs representation. Use Avvo to help.

  4. Michael T Mackhanlall


    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . the no contact order means that he cannot contact you either directly or indirectly. That means he cannot pass messages meant for you through third parties. I can tell you from experience that HE SHOULD NOT TRY AND CONTACT YOU. I had a client who I beat his misdemeanor battery and petty theft case but he contacted his girlfriend who he has a no contact order with shortly after first appearance, and the prosecutors charged him with FOUR COUNTS of violating the no contact order, which is a misdemeanor.

    Best thing to do is to hire a lawyer to try and life the no contact order, and perhaps see if he is eligible for a bond in the VOP case and have your attorney file a motion to set bond in an affordable amount so he can bond out.

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