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My boyfriend has 3 points and got an unlawfull possin of a fire arms in the second degree what is senceting range

Marysville, WA |
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he has done 2 years federal prision but the charge for the unlawful poossion of a fire arm in the 2 degree is a county charge he has 3 points what is his sentanceing range

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One count of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the Second Degree with an offender score of 3 carries a standard sentencing range of 9-12 months.

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It is unclear from your question whether your boyfriend had three points before the new charge or 3 points including the new charge. If he had 3 points before the charge, the new charge will increase his offender score to 4 and he will have a sentencing range of 12-16 months.

Additionally, if your boyfriend was on community custody when he picked up the new charge, the courts will add an additional point to his score. An offender score of 5 for unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree has a sentencing range of 17-22 months.

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