My boy friend has been in prison 4 15 years he has a i.n.s hold on him we are trying to get him transfered to mexico

Asked over 2 years ago - Las Vegas, NV

hes locked up in the state of nevada i wanna know where to start somewhere but ive never done this before can u please give me a good answer and the crime that he committed wasnt that severe

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  1. Javier G Pineda

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    Answered . If he has been in prison for 15 years it appears that he was convicted of something serious. You may want to contact the Mexican consulate to see what if any options may exist. Good luck.

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  2. Peter Lunt Ashman

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    Answered . Sometimes crimes that don't seem severe actually are very severe for immigration purposes. As a Nevada attorney, I'm not aware of any crimes where your boyfriend would be in prison for 4+ years that would not be an "aggravated felony" for immigration purposes which would require his deportation upon completion of his sentence. This is a very complex field and an attorney would need to know exactly what the conviction was for as well as the sentence to be able to clearly identify his prospects. Would also need to know his current legal status and when he received it, if he has any. As for transferring him to Mexico.... absolutely NOT going happen, sorry.

  3. Richard Andrew Constantino Alton

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    Answered . Sometimes the severity of the crime does not equate to the level of immigration consequences. Regardless, your boyfriend will most likely have to serve out his time in jail in the U.S. before being released and deported.

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  4. Ekaette Patty-Anne Eddings

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    Answered . You omit the crime he was convicted of.
    It would seem serious enough to merit such a long sentence.
    I would agree you contact the Mexican Consul, but rest assured he is more likely than not to complete his sentence in the USA before being deported.


  5. C. C. Abbott

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    Answered . My colleagues have provided excellent comments. Fifteen years indicates a serious crime was committed. The likelihood of the US agreeing to allow him to serve remainder in a foreign country is lessened with the increase in severity of the crime.

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  6. Renzo Fidel Manay

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    Answered . The fact that he has an ICE hold means that he will be transferred to ICE custody upon completion of his criminal matter, and that includes serving time. Once the state is done with him, ICE will pick him up and get him transferred to a detention facility. At that time, he will have the option of signing his return to Mexico or he can try to request a hearing before an immigration judge if any relief is available (an aggravated felony bars almost all forms of relief). Once he is in ICE custody, I recommend you speak with an immigration attorney in your area who has experience in detention matters.

    This is just a general answer based on the scenario posted; it is not intended as legal advice for the specific... more

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