My bother lives in Penn, he is a carpenter he frame a home, owner is not paying what is the time limit on a mechanics lein

He has a contract with false information and we believe, the general contracter is in on it, as well, the building inspector said all the work was done correctly and in a timely matter, the check from the bank for my brother was paid to the home owner, and I believe, the check had both the home owner who is a (lawyer) and the gc, general contractor's names on it, the amount my bother was owed is 14,000.00, and I believe this is conspiracy to commit fraud as well as fraud and theft of service, the info and evidence, was turned over to the detective, but he said he can't promise anything, my brother is going to loose his house, because he has no money, what can we do, how long do we have for a mechanics lein in Phila, PA. and why can't the police arrest them they have all the proof .

Philadelphia, PA -

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Joshua Upin

Joshua Upin

Real Estate Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

Ordinarily the police will not get involved in a civil dispute. You must therefore specifically request to file a criminal complaint. Contact your local precinct or the District Attorneys office for assistance. Did your brother sign a lien waiver with the GC? In the absence of the waiver the subcontractor must give the GC and homeowner preliminary written notice of the intent to file on or before the completion date of the work. You then have four months after the completion date to formally file the lien.

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Matthew Louis Solomon

Matthew Louis Solomon

Personal Injury Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

Contact the local DA's office if you believe there is some type of fraudulent contracting going on. You can contact a local attorney who works in construction or contract matters to better assist you. Do it as soon as possible since time is always of the essence.

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