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My bf tried to leave the country forever while on probation and got caught at the airport!

Aurora, CO |

My bf tried to leave the country forever and bought a one way ticket to Egypt while on probation,he decided to leave the US forever and come to me in Egypt after lots of frustration with probation issues.(one day before trying to leave,his PO asked him to bring his passport but my bf insisted to leave) He lives in Aurora,CO. and was stopped at the airport in Denver international airport.they arrested him and is put in Denver county Jail and said that he is going to be transferred to Arapaho County in a day or 2!!
What should we do ?

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  1. Your boyfriend needs to hire a good attorney. He is unlikely to get his passport back until his criminal problems are resolved.

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  2. You should hire a lawyer to help him. By attempting to leave the country he may be charged with a bond violation or worse. He has also violated his probation terms. This is not something you can do on your own.

  3. I believe that both the other two attorneys are correct: that you should not handle this on your own and that your boy friend (or someone on his behalf) should contact a Colorado defense attorney as quickly as possible. But also I think given the circumstances, I would add that he should consider contacting someone from the Egyptian embassy or consulate. Politically speaking, you yourself are more in a position to determine if there is any downside to doing this. Certainly I have seen foreign consulates being helpful in defense of their citizens abroad, but every country is different. Given the fluid nature of events in your country, this tip may be unwise or unhelpful. It has been my experience however that many foreigners who could benefit from the assistance of their government in the U.S. court systems fail to alert their government that they have been arrested. I have attached links to the Egyptian embassy in the U.S. below.

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  4. If he is in custody, he has a right to an attorney (the public defender). If he bonds out of custody, he would have to retain an attorney on his own. Any which way, I would suggest he seek counsel, as he may be looking a jail sentence depending on the charge and whether or not there were any conditions in the plea agreement.