My BF is on probation and he was arrested on charges of possession of ctrl sub. sch 1,2 / marij. What's expected?

What will happen now? Do he need a lawyer.

Little Rock, AR -

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Seth Layton Bowman

Seth Layton Bowman

Criminal Defense Attorney - Little Rock, AR

He's facing two different things: criminal case and probation revocation. Unlike "beyond a reasonable doubt" probation revocations are easier for the government to prove - so it is easier for him to be convicted for this than for a criminal charge. There are a ton of factors that impact "what is expected." Most importantly, what court is it, what are his priors, how much drugs, was he charged with intent to distribute, possession, or actual sales..... was there a video tape or other evidence...... ? I mean that is a very incomplete beginning on figuring out what is expected on the criminal charge. On the probation revocation he is likely facing the maximum sentence he was eligible for on the original charge. Whenever you get charges on top of a probation revocation, jail time is likely. He needs an attorney like a house that just caught on fire needs the fire department. If he has a drug program, a lot of areas in the state offer reduced sentences for drug rehabilitation. Make sure the attorneys you consider are on board for BOTH the criminal charge and the revocation.

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