My aunt was in a nursing home, hospital, and released to my home because she had no insurance. Awaiting Medicaid approval.

Asked over 1 year ago - Birmingham, AL

She has a son who did not sign her admission papers to the Nursing Home she was initially discharged to from her first hospital visit. The nursing home accepted co-payment of $750 and after about 10 days stated she had a GI bleed and sent her to the hospital. They would not accept her back because her son never signed admission papers. He basically wants no involvement with her care. I am not next of kin, and was told that even with Medicaid approval I could not place her in the Nursing Home because I do not have power of attorney. I don't know if a legal document exists giving her son this designation. How can I find out.? Does the fact that he is next of kin limit my ability to place her in Nursing Home pending Medicaid approval?

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  1. John Griffin Watts


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    Answered . Unfortunately some nursing homes will make up bogus reasons to not accept Medicaid patients. I've never heard of this reason before.

    As someone else suggested, look into a different nursing home.

    The son may be concerned he will be personally liable -- he should not be so it may be best to sit down with an elder law attorney in Birmingham and with the son to have a frank discussion of what needs to happen.

    Sounds like you are doing the right thing -- the honorable thing -- and I hope you will be successful getting your aunt the care she needs.

    John Watts
    Birmingham, Alabama

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  2. Kelly Scott Davis


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    Answered . People are admitted to nursing homes every day who have no family at all, so the next of kin issue shouldn't be a concern. There may be some other problem that they are not discussing. You could petition to become her guardian/conseervator, but that would take some time and money. You might want to either look at a different nursing home, or contact the Senior Ombudsman.

  3. Michael Leo Potter


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    Answered . You certainly should look into petitioning to become her Legal Guardian. Your being next-of-kin would usually be fine as to nursing home admission. But to be safe, apply to the Court to become her Legal Guardian. Look on Avvo.Com under Find-A-Lawyer entering Elder Law as the area of practice and Birmingham AL as the jurisdiction. Good Luck!

  4. Lawrence A Friedman

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    Answered . You had no obligation to take an aunt but once you did you assumed the obligation to make sure she is safe and cared for. If you want authority you can apply for guardianship. If you want to be relieved of responsibility, you can get the aunt into a hospital or nursing home and be done with it but you positively need elder law counsel to sort out your options and make sure you don't take on unintended liability.

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