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My attorney listed my ex-husband's property on Schedule A Real Estate, which I never was on the deed or mortgage and not my home

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I planned on keeping my home, my attorney knew this but did not give me opportunity to re-affirm. Now wanting 300$ to re-open. Also as I stated above she listed my x husband home on schedule A, the only place my mortage appears is under the list of debits. I would like to neog. my rate can I if only on my job 3 months and it was discharged against my wishes. And can my lawyer say the mistakes aren't there and forget about it?

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  1. I am not sure the facts are clear enough to answer your question. You filed bankruptcy. Your ex-husband had a piece of property in his name, with a mortgage and loan, in his name only. Did you get the house in the divorce? Is this the home you planned to keep? If you got the house but it had not been legally transferred at the time you filed bankruptcy, it still had to be listed in your schedules. If you are not on the loan you cannot reaffirm it. You can continue to make the payments, and the bank will usually be happy to accept them. The debt was listed on your schedules (I am guessing) because there is a mortgage against the property, not because it was a debt you owed. A loan taken out by your ex-husband would not be discharged in your bankruptcy - your discharge only discharged your debts. You are free to try and refinance or see if the lender will let you assume the existing mortgage - but why take on debt when you don't have to? Make the payments on a loan not in your name until you are in a better credit position to either refiinance or sell the place and get better terms somewhere lese.

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