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My accountant didn't complete my taxes, yet won't return my docs so I can proceed w another acctnt. How can I get my records bk?

Fort Dodge, IA |

For the last 5 years, calls do not get returned, nothing gets filed - and this endless runaround continues for yet another year. The rare instance I did reach him, he insisted he cannot give all my docs back, and can't return anything right away. My records are essentially hijacked and held for ransom. Now I am out of the state, so it is hard for me to chase him in iowa. But I need to move forward with a reliable professional ASAP/ yesterday. I want all my records back so a new accountant can unravel the mess and complete what the Iowa acctnt started but never finished. What are the options in Iowa? Are there attorneys that can pick up documents for me?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Your tax records belong to you. If your accountant is licensed (CPA or EA) report him to the licensing agency if he will not return the documents. If this still continues, hire a local attorney to pursue this for you.

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