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My account has a freeze on it for a credit card they say I owe money. can a court put a hold on your checking and saving account

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I cant remember if I had a Bank of America account.they said that I owe $19.000. They are trying to collect on this debt. They won`t take the freeze off my account until I make arrangements to pay something on this account.I don`t owe the government anything, no student loans,no taxes nothing.

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Yes, a court can order a bank to put a hold on funds in your bank account to satisfy unpaid debt. The law allows this even before there is a judgment against you and even before you are notified of a lawsuit.

Leroy Brenardo Scott

Leroy Brenardo Scott


Also, if you owe Bank of America money on a credit card account, they can take the money from your bank account. This would not require any action through the court. Technically, when you make a deposit, the money you deposited becomes the bank's property; the bank only owes you a debt. Because the money is theirs, they can take it. Of course, if you do not actually owe the credit card, then you can sue the bank because the bank would still owe you a debt in the amount of your deposits.


If you owed the bank money by using a credit card with that bank, then you may be liable to that bank and they have the right of offset to monies you have on account. If a credit card company took a judgment against you and cut a writ of garnishment against your bank account, then you need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney about using the federal exemptions to keep the property.

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