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My account has a freeze on it for a credit card they say I owe money. can a court put a hold on your checking and saving account

Houston, TX |

I cant remember if I had a Bank of America account.they said that I owe $19.000. They are trying to collect on this debt. They won`t take the freeze off my account until I make arrangements to pay something on this account.I don`t owe the government anything, no student loans,no taxes nothing.

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  1. Yes, a court can order a bank to put a hold on funds in your bank account to satisfy unpaid debt. The law allows this even before there is a judgment against you and even before you are notified of a lawsuit.

  2. If you owed the bank money by using a credit card with that bank, then you may be liable to that bank and they have the right of offset to monies you have on account. If a credit card company took a judgment against you and cut a writ of garnishment against your bank account, then you need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney about using the federal exemptions to keep the property.

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