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My abusive alcoholic ex is threatening to get my kids taken away from me.

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I have two kids with my ex, over a year ago he beat me to the point that he nearly killed me in front of our kids, and I left the state with my kids directly after. He hasn't seen them or tried to reach out to them since then, he occasionally sends me threatening text messages and voicemails- he is a convicted felon with a history of drug abuse and violent crimes. What scares me is that he has lots of money and is telling me he has a lawyer and will be getting the kids as soon as their restraining order runs up (next week) I have a 10 year restraining order, his name is not on my daughters birth certificate (we were never married) and my son is autistic. What are the chances of him getting custody? What should I do?

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Hire an attorney if you are served with papers. The battle ground is here. He may be just blowing hot air and there are actions that can be taken if he tries to get visitation or custody here.

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If I could afford an attorney do you really think I'd be asking for free advice online?


You should consider going into Court prior to the expiration of the current restraining orders to have them reissued. Other than that, if he files an RFO for modification of custody, you should retain an attorney. Based on the facts you presented, I don't believe that he will get significant custodial time, but perhaps some visitation.


If you have a 10 year RO then why is he contacting you during the period of the RO? If he is allowed to contact you by text or e-mail, to ask about the kids, I am sure a court said that he could not threaten or harass you. This by definition is a violation of the RO. If he was not given any ability or allowance to contact you then he has been violating the RO on numerous occasions. You should immediately file a police report and charge him with violating the 10 year RO. In California that alone is a misdemeanor. If he is on probation or parole, it is also a violation of his probation or parole. If not, you can bring charges and the county DA can file new criminal charges. The other issue of him getting custody is an issue for Family Court and he can always hire an attorney to file for visits and later custody. I highly doubt that he could get custody without having seen the kids for 10 years. He would start with visits and hopefully monitored visits. You need to hire an attorney to advise you of all your options.

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