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My 7 year old got injured in the school playground.

Bronx, NY |

In the playgrfund during recess time. Next to the water fountain there was a metal frame covering a socket for a hose. Being curious my son opened the metal frame that was not sealed and when he closed it. It slamed on his finger. It took off half of his nail and he needed 3 stitches. The nurse said he was bleeding excessivly. I found out that my friends daughter took my son to the school nurse. Not an adult. Please give me Advise. Thank u

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  1. In addition to the NY lawyer above, many states have school immunity statutes, thus, search Avvo for NY personal injury lawyer and make sure that you are not barred from bringing a claim against the school.

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer.

  2. In addition to the answers given above, you should consult with a New York personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, as NYC schools, if they are not private, are considered municipal entities. You only have 90 days from the date of accident to file a Notice of Claim, which must be very specific.

    This post is for informational purposes only. The above information is not to be construed as legal advice.

  3. You should find an experienced NY attorney and call for a free consultation RIGHT AWAY.

    Daniel Buttafuoco