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My 2 brothers and 4 sisters are suing me for a house my mom gave me,I'm her legal Guardian.

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MY Siblings are furious that my mother gave me half her house in 1996,she went to a lawyer and filed the papers.The survivor gets the other half of the house.I took care and lived with her.When she became to old to fend for herself.I was the caregiver.I gave her my salary for the 1st six years from 1955 to 1961,I continued to give her $125.00 from 1961 until 2007.We had a joint account and I had my own account.My sisters and brothers never helped me or her as they were too busy.My mom now has Dementia and I took her to live with me,My siblings told me to leave her in the nursing home,because I am Handicapped.I refused,I took care of her myself until Medicaid started 2 months later.My siblings offered no help or money,they took mom for a ride and had her sign a paper giving them the house

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I am sorry for the situation you currently find yourself in. I am also somewhat confused by the fact pattern you present. if the house is jointly held between you and your mother than what your siblings want will be of no consequence. However, if she "signed a paper and gave them the house" you need to be specify what document was signed and what it purported to say. if you own one half of the house you would have to consent to transferring title to your siblings (at least as to your half). Have they formally commenced litigation? Was your mother of sound mind when she (allegedly) signed the house into the siblings names. I strongly enourage you to gather all of the information and present it to your attorney for review. it may seem overwhelming at times, especially if you are in this by yourself against your siblings, but the most important consideration is that your mothers wishes be followed. Good luck!

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