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My 1st test from probation officer was positive. she filed a technical violation notification

Orlando, FL |

judges further action required, continue to I no longer eligible for early termination?

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    Sounds like you may have Judge Gail Adams out at the jail. She is great. I don't know if she will be the VOP judge next year. You are still eligible for early termination. If she is your judge you will probably be okay. A different judge may be a different story. Good luck.

  2. The order of continued supervision does not preclude you from early termination per se, but given that the basis of the violation is a positive drug screen, it likely means you will not be eligible for early term in the immediate future. No judge will cut you loose if you continue to violate, so you just have to play by the rules if you want to get this behind you.

  3. It's not that you are no longer eligible, but the more times and the more serious the violation, then the less likely you will get a judge to agree to early termination.

  4. You can always ask for early termination. Your chances of getting it however are greatly diminished. You should refrain from drug usage!

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