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My 11 year old sons mom (non custodial) claims I stopped visitation. My son's afraid of her and tells her he doesn't want to go.

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I have sole legal/physical custody of my 11 year old son. His mom filed a motion for contempt accusing me of keeping him from her. (She wants me to force him to come over) . My son is afraid of her. She has a long history of abuse in her background. Here's two items her attorney mailed to me to sign. It seems similar to the order we already have. So why sign this?

3) ORDERED BY CONSENT, both parties are permitted to have any and all access to any and all records relating to their son, HIS NAME, with said records including but not limited to, all school records, dental and medical records, and it is further ordered,

4) ORDERED BY CONSENT, commencing Saturday, April 26 2014, the Defendant/Mother shall enjoy alternating weekend visitation as outlined in the December 2005, Order of Court.

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  1. I have seen parents in your situation lose custody when the judge became convinced that the one parent was preventing the other parent from having child access for no good reason. Whether you realize it or not, you are in a risky and precarious position. You must take action to make sure the court does not come to the conclusion you are cutting off the mother from her son. I recommend you hire an attorney to help you with the necessary legal battle to make sure the mother's attorney does not persuade the judge to go against you.

    This is NOT legal advice, is GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY, and does NOT establish an Attorney/Client Relationship with you. Therefore my answer cannot address your specific legal situation and you should not rely upon my answer in your legal matter. I am an attorney licensed in Maryland and California.

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