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My (ex) husband filed for a divorce in Washington State in May 2013. I moved to NC April 2013 with my 5 year old. Can I move?

Marshall, TX |

My husband was an extremely violent and verbally abusive person this is the reason as to why I left him. He also got a woman pregnant in November 2012 and had the baby August 2013. My husband was involved with serious gangs and selling drugs along with excessive alcohol use. We were married in 2010 in Sacramento, CA. Throughout our marriage, we spent maybe one year together. He is trying to make it to where my son has to go to Washington State to see him and I do not want that by any means, nor does my son want to have to leave me. My ex is pushing for a trial. How can I push the divorce to be final now? Will it be contempt of court for me to move out of NC? I received nothing stating that I could not.

90% of abuse was done in front of son. Drugs and weapons were exposed in childs reach

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  1. You question is coming up as a Texas issue. You need to ask attorneys in the State where your case is. Attorneys are licensed by a particular State. Texas attorneys know about Texas law, which is differeny from the law in Wa or NC.

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  2. You need responses from lawyers in both Washington State and North Carolina. You should repost and ask for help from those two states.
    Good luck!

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