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My boyfriend has been living in my home for 5 yrs. He is an alcoholic who is verbally abusive and gets aggressive in my face.

Reno, NV |
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He has never hit me but has punched holes in the wall. I am afraid of him when he is drunk. I have hit him and kicked him in self defense and anger. He refuses to move out, I have asked him to move out repeatedly. I printed out an eviction notice that gave him 2 weeks he signed it and scribbled something derogatory on the paper. He did not move out. He stalks me in my own home when drunk he follows me around and keeps me up half the night. I have to barricade the bedroom door to keep him out. The police have been here twice and twice an ambulance took him away after I shoved him and he fell and cut his chin open. He had a restraining order by a previous GF and she ended up being ordered to go for anger mgmt! Please advise me on how I can make him move out, and could I be charged too

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    It appears you should file a TPO and a summary eviction if he won't voluntarily leave. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of being arrested for domestic violence.

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  2. As Mr. Goodman said. The DA's office has a unit to help with such restraining orders.

  3. Mr. Goodman is correct. By not taking immediate action you are putting yourself at risk of a future law enforcement professional finding it difficult to believe your story. You are also at risk of him potentially calling authorities and claiming domestic violence against you! Be careful! What is considered self defense in a given situation could come down to who the police officer believes the next time they show up to your house. No one should take that chance.
    If someone chooses to not separate themselves from what sounds like such a dangerous situation, they cant be surprised when things go very wrong. Act now.

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