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Must the judge who issued a warrant be the same judge who signs it?

Jacksonville, FL |

The search warrant say it was issued but a certain judge "x" but the signature is not judge X, it has a different name/signature...

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  1. That doesn’t make much sense. Issuing the warrant essentially means signing it.

  2. Is it possible that there is a judge's name printed and then the signature is unclear so appears to be a different name? A judge who reviews a probable cause affidavit, and in turns issues a warrant, will just sign the last page of the document. When a judge signs that warrant, it is "issued"

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  3. It sounds as if you may be describing a scribner's error, however issuing warrants is serious business and there are strict rules that must be followed. Contact a criminal defense attorney to review the warrant and ascertain if there are any applicable, appropriate motions to be filed.

  4. It is possible that another judge signed on that judge's behalf. Attorneys sign on behalf of other attorneys frequently. I don't think I've ever noticed this done by a judge, but I suppose it is possible.

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  5. A judge issues a warrant by signing it. So the question is confusing. What is the underlying issue? It will likely make very little, if any, difference in the outcome of the case. I would need more information.

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