MSA lists my bonus as personal property to be split equally each year. What happens after divorce?

We separated 2 years ago with a marital settlement agreement. The agreement says that I am to pay half of bonus each year. This is listed within the personal property section. It says nothing about what happens after we are divorced. Can I/how do I obtain clarification that this payment ends once we are divorced? He has a lawyer, I do not. He is not willing to clarify in an amendment, believes I simply pay forever.

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Arash Zarei

Arash Zarei

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Vienna, VA

Your should retain an attorney to deal with this matter. Although uncontested divorces are cost efficient, one should at least hire an attorney to review the MSA. Regardless, hindsight is 20/20. You should hire an attorney assist you. Good luck!

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Rebecca Lynne Melone

Rebecca Lynne Melone

Family Law Attorney - Reston, VA

You should consult with an attorney in your area. Good luck.

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