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Moving while contesting an out of state DUI. Got a DUI in State A. I'm Planning on moving from State B to C.

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I'm a Wisconsin resident who was arrested for DUI in Virginia. I'm planning on moving to Illinois for a new job. Will I be able to get a new license in Illinois? From what I read online my license would have been flagged by the National Drivers Register, which would prohibit Illinois from issuing a license. (My Wisconsin license has not been revoked. yet.)

If I try to get a license in Illinois will their DMV seize my valid Wisconsin license? Also from what I've read suspension from external jurisdictions is set in state code, is would Illinois's suspension be harsher than Wisconsin's (6 months according to the code) ?

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    Nope. You should probably stay in WI until the DUI is resolved, and you are driving in Wisconsin normally, then you can go to Illinois. If you go early, they will not issue you a license (and if they do, they will revoke it when any out of state DUI conviction is transmitted to them).

  2. I believe the answer to be no. But my next advice is always, what's it hurt to try so long as you don't lie. One of the questions they ask is, is your license currently suspended revoked or refused in another state? you must answer yes.

  3. The DUI will follow you.
    You need to take care of it in Virginia.
    Go on line and find a traffic/DUI attorney.

  4. It depends on a variety of factors, the first of which is what happened with the DUI court case in Virginia. In most states, there is a proceeding separate from the court date concerning your license. Assuming your privilege to drive was suspended by VA, that suspension will eventually catch up to your WI license, but it can take a very long time for the state licensing agencies to communicate with each other. Once that happens, it will be difficult to obtain a license in IL. However, if none of this has happened yet, you may just be able to apply for a license in IL. If the case in VA is still ongoing, I suggest hiring a VA DUI attorney to help deal with it. In the event that your license does eventually get suspended (in either WI or IL), there may be some things you or a VA DUI attorney can do to have the suspension lifted. Best of luck.

    Jasen Nielsen

  5. You state you were arrested for DUI, but has your VA case been disposed of? If your WI license is/will be revoked, IL will not issue you a license.

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