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Moving to Washington with restricted license

Seattle, WA |

I am moving to Washington with a restricted license for a DUI in Idaho.
1)If I get pulled over in Washington while moving there (ok'd by the court in ID), can they say I am not legal to drive in WA? 2)Do I apply for a restricted license in WA after arival? 3) Can they refuse? 4) In Idaho, I would get full privileges back in 5 months. Even if Washington gave me a restricted license, would they restrict it longer?

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As previously stated, you must contact the DOL before entering Washington State. The Idaho restrictive license only permits you to drive in Idaho, so it would not be considered a lawful license in Washington.
To be eligible for an IIL, your driving record must show all of the following:
-You’ve been arrested or convicted of any of the following:
DUI or Physical Control involving drugs or alcohol; Vehicular Assault involving drugs or alcohol; or Vehicular Homicide involving drugs or alcohol.
-You’ve had a valid Washington driver license or are on active military duty in Washington.
-You have a Washington State residence address.
-Your current suspension or revocation doesn’t include any of the following:
Minor in Possession; Reckless Driving; or Habitual Traffic Offender (Suspended 1st degree)

Once you are eligible to have your license reinstated in Idaho do so immediately. Once eligible there you will be eligible in Washington State too.

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I always warn folks on any licensing question to begin by calling Washington Department of Licensing (DOL). I can tell you the law, but only DOL can authorize you to drive. First, if you are suspended in ID, WA DOL will most likely honor ID's suspension. You may be able to apply for some kind of restricted WA license, but that would depend on your residency and the reason you were suspended in ID. WA shouldn't impose any restrictions on your driving privilege beyond what ID has done.

Please call WA DOL at (360) 902-3900 to verify. Good luck!

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Your questions are valid questions, but only a lawyer licensed in Washington can answer them. You would do better to hire a good DWI Lawyer in Washington to handle this for you.

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