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Moving to MI from NJ with interlock device, do i still have to keep the interlock device in MI as well?

Detroit, MI |

Hello I am currently a NJ resident and moving to MI in 2 weeks, i currently have an interlock device installed on my vehicle and suppose to have it for 3 years so if i move to MI do i still have to keep my NJ license and interlock device installed or i can get MI license and take an interlock device off. I am moving because due to my new job contract in MI for 18 months or possibly longer. Little confused
Thank you

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I'm sure Michigan cooperates with New Jersey on the restrictions and you will have to comply here too. Check with both NJ and MI to see how to do it correctly.

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Michigan has different rules for returning driving privileges for its residents as compared to its former residents, when you first get relief from them. New Jersey might also make a distinction. But in Michigan, once you are on a restricted in Michigan and you move out of Michigan, Michigan expects you to comply with their requirements, which includes the interlock for at least one year. If it were an entirely new request for driving privileges, and you had been a resident of Michigan and you had moved out, if Michigan gave you relief, it would not include an interlock requirement. My point is, New Jersey may make distinctions between an in-state restricted driver and a restricted driver who has moved from New Jersey. As Mr. Klisz says, you need to check with the licensing authorities in each state. It is very unlikely that Michigan would not require an interlock if New Jersey still does, but it is worth investigating, especially since Michigan has only a one year minimum interlock reqirement. Frank B. Ford 313-565-9289

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I think you will need to return to New Jersey to have your license restored when you are eligible and then you can apply for a full license in Michigan after you are cleared. I have a client who moved from Michigan to California while he is on his restricted license with the interlock device. However, he cannot get a license in California until he is finished getting his restoration in Michigan. He kept the interlock on his car on Cal and is returning this year to Michigan for his his second/final hearing. He does not intend to move back to Michigan. There should be some uniformity to the driver's license laws.

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