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Move to another state before sentencing

Boulder, CO |

Recently arrested for DUI in Colorado. Paid a 1000 cash bond (self). I am battling with depression and having a hard time dealing with all of this. My family wants me to come home to NM. Can I move prior to my sentencing date?

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  1. Absolutely you can. Since you posted a cash bond and did not go through a bondsperson, you will need the court's permission and also will need to file a waiver of extradition with the court. This is a rather common request.

  2. Jay is accurate. There is no prohibition in moving to another state as long as you sign a waiver of extradition agreeing to return to CO for sentencing.

  3. If it is a first offense and if you do not have a high BAC, an attorney may be able to enter a plea for you without you having to return.

  4. As Mr. Tiftickjian and others have stated, you can leave CO and move to NM, you just need to obtain permission from the Court prior to leaving. As far as entering a plea, you don't hire attorneys to plead you guilty. You can do that for free. You need to consider hiring a DUI Defense attorney to help you address this case and to ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible.

    An attorney may be able to appear on your behalf for non-dispositional hearings if you are living in NM. At the end of the day, what is important is the result and knowing that you did everything possible to minimize the damage and consequences. Take advantage of free consultations and talk to several DUI attorneys so that you can make an educated and informed decision on how to proceed.

    My decision to answer your question does not construe an attorney client relationship. My opinion is based on the facts you have provided. Before making any decisions, you should always consult directly with an experience attorney, either in person or via phone.

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