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Motorcycle accident involving a bull, no injury, is farmer responsible for damage to bike

Viroqua, WI |

I was riding my motorcycle behind my husband who was riding his bike. Came around a corner and there was a bull in the road. He was able to stop but I could not stop before hitting his bike. Is the farmer responsible for damages to the bikes

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  1. As I am not licensed in your state, I can only provide you with some general information. Some states, and Wisconsin may be among them, have specific statutes which deal with liability for loose livestock.

    If you have collision damage coverage on your motorcycle, I suggest you report this incident to your carrier and initially collect under your policy. Your insurance carrier may be able to tell you if there is such a livestock statute in your state. Failing that, you should consult a local attorney in your area to see whether or not they can advise you if there is any statute which may provide you with some relief. You also always have the option of filing a claim or suit against the farmer for negligence in allowing his livestock to escape and pose a danger to you on the highway.

  2. Generally the owner of an animal is liable for any damage caused by that animal. You should speak with your insurance carrier for guidance.

  3. More likely then not you are entitled to damages if you can show that the bull hit one of the bikes. It is very tough to show, as a practical matter, the farmers involvement let alone responsibility unless the bull shed some blood.

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