Motion to Augment Clerk's Transcript to include missing documents in limited civil appeal

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If documents are listed as Missing from the Clerk's Transcript (i.e. a Certificate is included in Clerk's Transcript that clerk was unable to locate said documents in the file), but you have a conformed copy of the documents, and you file a Motion to Augment the Clerk's Transcript, will the Appellate Court/Division usually grant the Motion to Augment as to the missing documents. Why or why not? Citations would be helpful. This is regarding a limited civil appeal being heard by the Appellate Division.

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It seems that generally speaking, under CRC 8.841(a), Motions to Augment are always granted in the interest of justice so as to ensure an accurate record on appeal.

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  1. Answered . Mr. Brinkmeier is correct as to the nature of the forum and what you should do. Additionally, there is not enough information to begin to address the situation; and you question, without a number of specific facts, request us to speculate on a court's decision. No one responding here is that foolish.

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    Answered . Avvo is a general Q and A forum. Your question seeks specific legal advice that would require legal research and a review of the court materials in a specific matter. Read the Terms of Use ..... and hire a skilled appellate lawyer. You sound like you need it. Good luck.

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