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Motion for Contempt, If I pay before the court date will I still go to jail?

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I have a court date on June 16, Motion for Contempt failure to pay child support. Im in the arrears of 6,293.38 and I just went online and paid the whole thing off. The website gave me a receipt and also said it will take 2-3 business days to upload in Department of Revenue records. If I just have the receipt and bank statements that it was taken out of my account will that be enough evidence to show that I paid it and keep me out of jail.

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The order should specify what the "purge provisions" are (if any , what must be done to comply with the court's order, and what will occur upon compliance with the order. Since this seems to be civil contempt (as opposed to criminal contempt), there is likely such a provision in your Order indicating that payment will resolve the contempt issue.

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This is a family law question, not a litigation question. I am redirecting it to the attorneys involved in that area of law. I would recommend you have an attorney represent you, if you are handling this at the last minute and don't want to end up in jail, by accident or otherwise

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Yes, that should be enough to show the hearing officer or judge that you are not in contempt. Bring 3 copies of your bank statement and receipt with you. Black out your account number on your bank statements so that your personal information is not viewable to everyone. In the future, it is a good idea to pay your child support in a timely manner, per the Court's order. If you cannot do so, then seek a modification or an abatement of your child support obligation. Good luck!

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