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Mother provided her new income that shows she makes more money, however my child support payment increased? why?

Clark, NJ |

Mother never provided any financial Information for 3 years. Just a verbal testimony to proof her income. Finally after asking several times she provided to court copies of her income taxes. She makes more money that she said in the beginning. Now a new CS worksheet has been provided with her new income and my weekly CS payment increased!!. My income is the same as before. How can this happened? Bottom line I pay 100% of my child expense and on the top she keeps 400 a month for herself. She lives in a small studio to save rent. Our combined child support for 1 kid is 18,000/yr. My son deserve better that this

all othe basis such as child care expenses, %time shared and health ins premium is unchanged. Only her income changed, the rest stayed the same.

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    As the other attorneys mention, there are other factors besides income that go into the child support guidelines so there is no possible way to answer your question without a full consultation and discussion of finances, visitation, other child support obligations, etc. The only thing I can add is when you mention you already pay 100% of your child's expenses, on what basis do you make that claim, and is it something that you presented to the court, with documentation like receipts, utility bills, phone bills, and the like. You should consult with a family law attorney to have the attorney run the guidelines to see if information was not presented to the court, or to the hearing officer.

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  2. Even with all the data you have chosen to include, it is not possible to assess how your child support obligation has changed. Every state has adopted child support guidelines, and while there is some variability from one state to the next, it is common for guidelines to take into consideration certain factors other than incomes, such as entitlement to tax benefits, transportations costs, and medical insurance premiums for the child. The income of the custodial parent is commonly the factor that impacts least on the bottom line.

    To know precisely whether the child support ordered in your case is correct, consult with a local experienced family law practitioner.

    Best wishes for an outcome you can accept, and please remember to designate a best answer.

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  3. Income is not the only factor. Among other things, your overnights with the child can be an important factor (especially if you spend less time with the child). If you think the Child Support Guidelines were not calculated properly, consult a family lawyer to evaluate and advise you whether you should file a motion for reconsideration.

  4. Aneliya gave you the best answer. Best bet is to give her a buzz, as she is the GURU of child support

    John Lassen 1-877-252-4630

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