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Mortgage Note’s chain of endorsements is not the same as chain of Assignments of Deed of Trust, is that a broken chain of title?

Henderson, NV |

My bank presented copies of the Mortgage Note with a chain of endorsements that are not the same as the chain on the Recorded Assignments of Deed of Trust. The Note shows 3 endorsements involving 4 entities: "A to B", "B to C", and "C to D" while the Recorded Assignments SKIP the second entity "B". The lender actually also presented two assignments showing that entity "A" transferred to "C" and then "C" to "D" and the assignments read: "TOGETHER WITH THE NOTE"!!! No corporation assignment exists whatsoever for the second entity even though it supposedly acquired the beneficial rights via endorsement as seen on the copy of the Note. Is that a legally broken Chain of Title as interpreted in Foreclosure law suits?

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The Nevada Supreme Court just issued an advanced opinion on this issue.

You can find other resources about this opinion by searching for Edelstein Nevada Supreme Court.

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