More information about Internet Copyright Law Enforcement Agency concerning a lawsuit for copyright infringement .

Asked about 2 years ago - Houston, TX

I searched on map quest the address at 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue , NW , Washington DC 20004 and it is the Willard Intercontinental Hotel . Places at this address are : McNabb Associates , Know Limit Learning and Make A Wish Car Donation . There is no Copyright Law Enforcement Agency listed at this address . This looks like a scam requesting $ 495 . 00 by Mar 1 , 2013 to settle the lawsuit . I will be contacting my State Attorney General & the Justice Department in Washington DC .

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    Answered . Good sleuthing. This is almost certainly one of the phoney copyright trolls, not a real troll. This one's likely from Nigeria not DC. Do not pay them without more proof of their legitimacy.

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  2. Answered . What is your question? You have been served with a law suit or a threat of a suit unless payment is made?

    Be aware that there are many legal firms out there searching the internet for trademark and copyright infringement. When they find an illegal copy being sold or trademark being abused, they contact the person and typically offer to settle for a nominal fee, or else they will bring suit. These firms follow through with their threats and do successfully sue hndreds of individuals.

    I would suggest that if you have received such a letter iinforming you that you have infringed someones rights, you need to talk with an attorney. Many of these are not scams. (But I also would not simply send someone a check without verification either.)

    Good luck

    My disclaimer is simply that Avvo already has an adequate disclaimer.
  3. Answered . Asker: Good work. Copyright Enforcement Group is located in Beverly Hills, California. Thus, Copyright Law Enforcement Agency may well be a scam.

  4. Answered . I have yet to see these letters, but I checked out the website. Looks very suspect, and the domain registration information is protected. See links below to help report scams.

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