Montomery County-PA. drug paraphanalia. dismissed. need expungement. cost.

Asked over 1 year ago - New Britain, PA

I am 20 yr.s old. I was arrested in Jan. 2013 for having drug paraphanalia. misdemeanor. it was dismissed. no ARD. I need to get it expunged. What would be the approximate cost. It happened near Norristown, PA (Montgomery county) I live in bucks county.

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    Answered . Attorney's fees can be anywhere from 500 to 2500. shop around until you are comfortable with the attorney and the price.

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    Answered . Most lawyers work out a payment plan so talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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    Answered . Use the avvo find a lawyer feature, most criminal defense attorneys, including my office, offer a free consult to give you a better idea of what this would intail.

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    Answered . Every lawyer is going to charge a different amount to do an expungement. You should act immediately because getting the petition filed starts the clock running. Montgomery County can be slow to deal with so don't let anymore time go by.

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  5. Answered . You need to speak with attorneys who practice in Montgomery County. The "Find a Lawyer" feature of this site can help you identify such lawyers. You will have to speak privately with as many as you choose to get some quotes on the costs, including legal fees. Unlike the cost of a gallon of gasoline, legal fees, with very fee exceptions, are not openly advertised. Legal fees for this project, like most, will vary within legal community you are exploring. Please don't let the cost of the lawyer be your only consideration; that can end up being a costly mistake. Good luck.

  6. Answered . Expunge nets in Montgomery county are not all that expensive but they do take a while. Right now the delay is about 4 months.

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