Modeling/Acting agency for my daughter

Asked 10 months ago - Boulder, CO

I paid $$$$ for my daughter to enroll into Modeling/Acting agency. They acted as if they evaluated my daughter and asked us to come back couple times for the next rounds of interviews, etc. Eventually, they told they have to deliberate on whether to go forward or not (the took 30 minutes to come back with good news), they made it look like my daughter was very special and made us spend the money to enroll her. They orally went over the agreement (did not talk about non-refund part and asked me to sign (made a mistake of not ready it so thoroughly and overlooked the refundable part). Read some reviews on-line and seemed like they have scammed many people like this. Sent an email to cancel with 24 hours. Please let me know what are my options here to get my money back.

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Can I contact my bank and reverse the transaction? Will there be any effect on that?

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  1. Robert John Murillo

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    Answered . Sorry for the problems. These kinds of things are always scam. A reputable agency does not charge you because they make money from the bookings.

    It will not be easy to get the money back, depending on the contract terms. If this is under the small claims amount and if they are a Colorado company, I would sue there. You may want to talk to an attorney to write an initial demand letter and give this some credibility. Good luck.

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  2. Jason Carl Kennedy

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    Answered . You have the options of suing, writing a demand letter, filing a consumer fraud complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's office, trying to get the police involved, or letting them keep your money. I seriously doubt there is anything that the Police can do about this. If these are true common schemers they probably know that they can, practically speaking, ignore your demands. Thus, if you would like to pursue the options of suing or writing a demand letter, then you will need to consult with an attorney. At a consultation, which is usually free, the attorney can review the entire contract as well as listen to everything that you remember. After gathering that nuanced factual background, an attorney can give you an assessment of your options in terms of pursuing legal action.

    You should prepare yourself for the idea that, depending on how much money is involved, this matter may not be worth pursing.

    I hope this answer is helpful.

  3. Richard Waldron Bryans Jr.

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    Answered . The agency persuaded you to pay it money and sign a contract. It may or may not be enforceable, but to determine that, you need to consult with an experienced contracts litigation attorney to review the contract. Even if it is legally enforceable, if your commitment to sign it was induced by fraud, you may have a case for rescission. Also, you may have a claim for the Colorado Attorney General's office to investigate.

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