Missed diagnose for heart failure

After seeing my Doctor for intense head neck and shoulder pain, I was prescribed pain pills and sent home, that night I suffered a major heart attack and series of strokes requiring a two month hospital and rehab stay. I continue to have disabilities from the strokes. My medical history includes Doctor visits for high stress at work that I was prescribed medication for. Would the failure to diagnose a heart attack in this case be medical negligence or malpractice?

Bellevue, WA -

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Erik Francis Ladenburg

Erik Francis Ladenburg

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Tacoma, WA

I am sorry to hear about your heart attack and strokes. Whether or not you have a case really depends upon the records. You should call an attorney right away to get an evaluation of your case started. An attorney who handles medical malpractice cases can have your records reviewed by an expert to determine if the hospital/doctors made a mistake in failing to diagnose your heart attack. Do not wait to call an attorney.

Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer

Sean Patrick Kuhlmeyer

Personal Injury Lawyer - Seattle, WA

Erik's right. MedMal comes in two flavors, breach of the standard of care, and failure to diagnose. Whether you have failure to diagnose is going to depend upon what symptoms you were presenting with and what was the standard of care for diagnosis when one is presenting with those symptoms. That story is going to be told in your records. Get your records, read them, and take them to an attorney.... Good luck. If this answer was helpful, please mark it helpful.

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