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Missed a court date for possession of THC and paraphernalia have a new court date today how should i go about this ?

Birnamwood, WI |

I was with a buddy on private property dnr stopped us , we had open intoxicants . He called the real police they ended up searching the truck , they found a pipe and a little bag of THC . All i got was a fine for open intoxicant as passenger and a yellow sheet saying poss - THC / para and a court date but the lady said if i pay my fines i wouldn't have to go to court . Seeing how i didn't have a fine for the THC and para . I didn't think I had to go to court and really didn't look the sheet over good . At the time I thought poss st anded for possible . My buddy received fines for the THC and paraphernalia .

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Talk to a criminal defense attorney ASAP and stop admitting to illegal activities here on AVVO. Good luck!

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If it is just a ticket, and no criminal charges were filed, your should not have to appear. If you don't appear on a ordinance violation, generally the court will just enter a default judgment against you and find you guilty and order that you pay the fines. You should consult with a criminal defense lawyer in the area who will be able to advise you on how to best proceed. He or she may be able to appear on your behalf. You may get one or more of the citations dismissed and the fines reduced. If it is a criminal charge - both possessing marijuana and possessing drug paraphernalia can be tickets or criminal charges/misdemeanors - you must appear in court and your failure to do so can result in a warrant for your arrest. So I would talk to a lawyer in your area who can explain things to you more thoroughly. And stop admitting to criminal activity on the internet. Good luck.

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Sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area to discuss at greater length. If you have to go to court today then ask for a continuance when you get there to talk to an attorney about how best to proceed.

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