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Misdemeanor possession of marijuana - first offense. What are the likely outcomes?

Columbus, IN |

I was cited by a Department of Natural Resources officer for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana. This is my first legal encounter as an adult, but I was arrested as a minor for illegal consumption (this resulted in a discussion with the prosecutors office, but I am not sure if it remained on my record. I believe there was a probationary period during which I stayed out of trouble and it was removed from my record). Is there much of a chance that I will receive conditional discharge, or will my arrest as a minor affect my chances for conditional discharge? Will obtaining a professional drug defense legal attorney significantly help my chances for conditional discharge?

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  1. Your chances of getting a conditional discharge will depend on what county your new case is pending in and how recent your illegal consumption charge was. In most instances where it is close as to whether you qualify or not, it would be a good idea to have a criminal defense attorney to represent you.

    Answers provided here are for information purposes only and not intended to replace speaking with an attorney. Your legal issues should be addressed directly with an attorney and the answer provided herein does not establish any attorney client relationship.

  2. The outcome will depend on the amount of marijuana in your possession, the amount of time since your offense as a minor, the county you were cited in, your personal situation, etc. What was the outcome of your previous charge? Was the charge dismissed? Pretrial diversion? Earned dismissal? I suggest you hire an attorney that is familiar with possession cases as soon as possible.

    Every case and situation is different and vary greatly depending on specific facts. My posts are not to be considered complete answers to each question. My posts do not constitute an attorney/client relationship.

  3. Hire an attorney.

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