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MIP in Michigan with no breathalyzer.

Sturgis, MI |

my friend and i were at a friends apartment and when we were leaving the cops pulled in front of our car.. the cops were called because there was a fight outside. they made all of us get out of the car. everyone blew but me. i kept repeating my rights "im 15, you need my mom here to even talk to me or give me the test". They said they knew i was drunk cause my eyes were bloodshot. When my mom picked me up and they asked if she wanted me to be breathalyzer and, she said nothing and we walked out. this is my first charge.. should i fight it.. if so how? and my court dates today so answer asap will be most helpful

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  1. Ask for more time to consult with an attorney.

  2. Retain an attorney ASAP to represent you.

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  3. Hire a local criminal defense attorney.

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  4. You should speak with a juvenile defense attorney in the Sturgis area. SInce you are a juvenile, the punishments are not significant. Good Luck

    Jerry Lykins
    West Michigan Defense Team
    Kortes, Lykins, Hunting & Jansma, PLLC
    77 Monroe Center
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

  5. Sounds like you might have a case. I'm not an attorney anywhere near you - you should hire someone local. I'm going to link to a helpful article on Michigan MIP's - review that then hire the best lawyer you can afford.

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