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MIP charge in Pittsburg PA.

Pittsburgh, PA |

My son started attending uni last Sunday. That night 4 uni police officers knocked on their dorm door to let them know that music was too loud. (The RA is next door and did not hear any loud music). Then the officers shouted " we know there is alcohol in there" and started shouting at them to stop wasting their time and just give it up. Another officer said he would help them out if they cooperated but that they would be in trouble if they did not. They basically intimidated my son to self-incriminate and give up a bottle of liquor that he had. Others in the room did not. Then my son got a ticket for MIP. Apart from the consequences from a university standpoint, which are substantial, he also has to go in front of a magistrate. What should we do...would like to get it expunged. Thanks

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  1. If your son is cited with underage drinking and similar offenses, he may face a drivers license suspension and a record. I recommend consulting directly with an avvo attorney in the Pittsburgh area

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  2. A summary level underage drinking charge in Pennsylvania carries with it a drivers license suspension. Furthermore the repercussions for an alcohol-related charge may affect your son's ability to obtain a job or apply for graduate school. I strongly suggest you consult with an attorney who handles cases like this often. He may be able to work out an agreement that would save your son from the alcohol related charge.

  3. I don't know what MIP is but I am assuming your son was charged with the summary offense of underage drinking under section 6308 of the PA crimes code. Beware that this offense carries a license suspension and up to a $300 fine. In addition, it will stay on his record as a conviction until 5 years passes of arrest free behavior at which time he can pay an attorney to expunge it. My advice is to seek counsel as an attorney may be able to obtain a diversionary program at the first hearing. Once the case is disposed of without a conviction, the attorney can begin the process of expunging the arrest record.

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