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Minor's Compromise in Los Angeles. Injury and minor both in Pomona. Where do I file this specifically? which courthouse? Probate

Los Angeles, CA |

I was wondering if someone could tell me where I file this. Pomona seems to have 2 court houses. Its from a personal injury claim. Is it filed in Probate court or civil court. Having a hard time finding out.

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  1. I am going to re-categorize this under personal injury. Personal Injury cases are typically best handled with the representation of specialized attorney. Best of luck.

  2. If there was a personal injury lawsuit then file it in the same department where the suit was filed. If it was just a claim with no formal lawsuit, then file it in the presiding department in the civil court closest to where the incident occurred or defendant resides as that is best/proper venue.

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  3. If no lawsuit filed, then you are probably going to file in LA Central (downtown) under the new organization. You can try calling Pomona Superior Court (the other is or very soon will be closed) clerk's office and see if they will accept your filing. If you are not represented then many times the insurance carrier will handle the minor's comp.

  4. Sadly, funding is being significantly slashed for courts throughout the State of California. It is going to impact everyone. There are fewer courts, fewer court staff all resulting in delays. Since courts are closing, you may be required to travel farther simply to get to the correct courthouse. We no longer have 3 equal branches of government; our system of civil justice is a poor step sister losing out on funding.

    Here is the new rule: Effective April 8, 2013, except as to those cases that may be filed in the North District pursuant to LASC Local Rule 2.3 (a)(I)(B), all Los Angeles Superior Court Probate cases (all actions and proceedings to which the Probate Code applies) must be filed in Room 429 in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, located at III N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012.

    Act quickly to avoid long lines and further delay.

  5. This matter should be filed in Pomona South Court, the North Court is no longer accepting any civil filings. You have not provided enough information. Has an action been filed already. There is a procedure for an action that has already been filed and another procedure if no action has been filed. The State has also instituted a process in which you can avoid having to appear in court and avoid any appearance at all if certain criteria are met. My office is located in Downtown Pomona and we specialize in Personal Injury Matters. You should consult with an attorney.

  6. L.A. County is huge and I am in S.D. County. I suggest that you call the Central Court and ask the Clerks' preference; no one else should care.