MInor kicked out in Michigan- seeking emancipation?

Asked almost 6 years ago - Eaton Rapids, MI

My mother recently kicked me out, and I am currently staying with my boyfriend's family who lives an hour away from my job and school. I have had no disciplinary issues in the past- I attend work whenever scheduled and I make straight A's at school. [I have proof of both of these.] For the majority of my life, my mother has been unfit and unstable both mentally and financially. Since I've been living with her in the past year, she has refused to put forth any amount of money towards necessities such as hygeine items, clothes, food, etc. The only way we get food is from EBT food stamps or the local churches. Even then, instead of buying needed food, she buys things like soda and desserts. She has been out of a job for going on four months now- and yes, I do realize that times are hard, HOWEVER, she absolutely refuses to even attempt applying anywhere that she feels that she is "too good for" such as fast food. Basically, she is living off a very small biweekly unemployment check, EBT, and whatever cash my grandmother [who lives in another state] wants to send her. Throughout my life, my mom has moved me at the very least ten times and I have attended more than fourteen schools. At one point I have been taken away from her because she decided to move across the country with a man she had known three days in an online chatroom. More recently, she has started telling several lies about me not only to the people I am staying with, but also to my family members in an attempt to make me appear as the bad guy. Not only has she kicked me out, but she also refuses to let me get my things from inside the house, saying that if I do, I am "breaking in" even though I have a key and I live there. I have had a job since I turned 16 over a year ago, and I have had my license just as long. I did have a car that I have paid everything on, but because it's in her name, she has taken it upon herself to take it away from me. I recently called the Department of Human Services for my county, and they told me that I could either go home to my neglecting mother or they will not help me. I have no way to become emancipated because though I have a job, Michigan's minor laws do not allow me to exceed 18 hours a week while I'm in school, and therefore I cannot pay for an apartment. Because I do not have an apartment of my own, they will not even attempt to begin the emancipation process. I have no idea what to do. Please let me know.

Thank you.

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  1. Alan James Brinkmeier

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . This is a sorry situation and I hope things can begin to go better for you. Contact the local authorities for advise. Seek information from your school counsellor. Finish school by all means! Once you can move on you will be in a far better place. Hang in there and keep moving ahead.

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