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MInor in possession of alcohol and contribution to the delinquency of a minor. How should i defend my case?

San Jose, CA |

On prom night my date snuck a flask into the dance and when she was finished with it she put it in my jacket to hide it. I did not participate in any of the drinking. At the coatcheck the empty flask fell out and was tracked back to me. I told them it wasnt mine and then i was breathalyzed with a 0.0 BAC and my date had a 0.08 BAC. It turns out that she was under 18 (which i was not aware of) so she got away free and i was charged with contribution to the delinquency of a minor along with a MIP. I have a clean record, along with a background of community service and good grades. I have a job on minimum wage so i am seeking a public defender.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You tell PD these facts and they'll put it on trial.

  2. In San Jose you will probably be offered to take a minor in possession of alcohol class or some AA meetings for a dismissal. If not, set if for trial. Make them prove it was yours, especially if your friends will corroborate your story.

  3. Hire a lawyer. I handle criminal cases and prepare my cases thoroughly by getting witnesses to testify. You may be able to get a diversion resolution or you may have to take the case to trial.

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