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Minnesota possession of alcohol ticket for a minor

Anoka, MN |

I was on a school field trip last weekend and I was accused of drinking but blew a 0.00 when breathalyzed. but the cops still gave me possession of alcohol for an empty flask I had. Is it possible to get a possession of alcohol for that or would it be considered paraphernalia as a minor. Me and my parents want all the charges dropped on me and my twin brother because during all this all procedures of the process were not followed.

and I mean possession of alcohol ticket. also didn't mean all procedures of the process but more then A couple were.

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They can certainly try but that doesn't mean they will be successful. I would suggest contacting a criminal defense attorney to discuss in more detail. You will need them if you want any hope of getting charges dismissed. Good luck.

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The facts you mentioned make the prosecution's case sound weak, but they will likely think otherwise. Keeping something totally off your record is best handled by a skilled defense attorney to make sure everything is done right.


Your best bet at getting the charges dropped is to retain an attorney to fight for you. It sounds like a weak case against you. You certainly want to fight this, and remember that the prosecution carries a high burden which they must meet before you can be found guilty.

I wish you the best of luck.


It may very well be possible to get the charges dropped, or at least kept off your record. However, to do so, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney in your area and see what your options are. Most of us will offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and explain things more in depth.

This information is general in nature. You should not rely on this information as legal advice, as each case is unique. This information does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you are in need of legal advice concerning a particular matter, you are encouraged to contact an attorney directly at your earliest convenience.


Hello. Your criminal defense attorney will work hard for you and may examine the physical evidence itself. Your attorney is trained to stay alert to potential issues to your case involving constitutional law, police procedures, a failure to meet the elements of the crime charged, etc.

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