Minimum amount of money required for filing for probate in ga.?

Asked over 3 years ago - Savannah, GA

minimun amount of money required for filing probate

Attorney answers (3)

  1. Mark Schaefer

    Contributor Level 10

    Answered . If there is a will and there are assets in the name of the person who died, then the answer is no, there is no minimum. However, if the decedent had debts larger than the value of the assets, then it may not make sense to proceed with probate.
    If there is no will, and the only asset is a bank account with a balance under $10,000, then there is a way for the heirs (or the funeral home) to access those funds without having to go through probate.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Robert W. Hughes Jr.


    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . I am uncertain what you are asking. Do you mean to ask what is the minimum amount of property required before can file for probate? If so, then there is no minimum.

    If you mean how much does it cost to file for probate, then you will need to call the clerk of the probate court to find out what the filing fees are. You can complete the documents yourself, and hope that no problems arise that require the need for a lawyer.

  3. Adrienne P. Ashby

    Contributor Level 6

    Answered . There is no minimum value of a decedent's estate necessary in order to file for probate in Georgia. However, it may not be worth the filing fees to file a probate action for an estate that has very few or no assets.

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