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Michigan driver responseability fee for out state drivers who acquire tickets and points oin their home state

New Berlin, WI |

I recieved a driving while suspended ticket in Michigan in 2006. I'm was an out of state resident (Indiana) at the time of the offense. I just paid the fine in December 2012. I just received a letter in the mail saying I now owe a 150 driver responsibility fee to them. My question is this I just received another ticket for reckless driving (which I will be fighting)in my new home state of Wisconsin where I'm a resident at, will Michigan assess this fee for tickets and fines from out of state I could receive while living in Wisconsin?

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Your post is a bit confusing, but if I understand it correctly, Michigan charged you a fee associated with a violation that occurred there, most probably a DOT fee that was imposed once you finally got around to paying the proper court the fine and costs owed to the Michigan court. If that is the case, whether you still have an Indiana license (valid or not) or now have a Wisconsin license, I can't see what business Michigan would have sticking its bureaucratic nose in your current business.

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